Staffing Solutions

service 1At Intellect IT, we understand that every company has unique IT staffing needs and challenges. This is the reason why we step in to provide you with a set of comprehensive yet tailored solutions that satisfy your individual talent and culture acquisition objectives. Whether you are looking to hire consultants to augment your workforce, want to invest in your long-term human capital infrastructure with additional key staff employees, IntellectIT can serve either as your turnkey Managed Service Provider or be a complementary addition to your existing staffing process. No matter how you choose to partner with us, you can rest assured that premium talent will be delivered to you with speed, efficiency and maximum ROI for your workforce investments.

Direct Hire

service 2Intellect IT offers two ways to hire on candidates as your employees: Contract-to-Hire Conversion or Full-Time Direct Hire.

With a Contract-to-Hire option, companies gain the benefits of trying out a candidate prior to committing and receiving a custom designed conversion plan that allows them to prorate the fee over the term of the contract assignment. This flexible arrangement works well for all parties involved in the engagement. By choosing the Contract-to-Hire conversion option, you not only ensure a candidate is a good fit in your workplace environment but also you get to test-drive the needs of your company to be certain that a new full-time position is warranted. In addition, the candidate can observe his or her place in the organization before committing to full-time employment. Contract-to-Hire arrangements can also be ideal for situations where budgetary constraints prevent the hiring of additional full-time employees at the present, but headcount expansion is expected in the near future or where lengthy bureaucratic approval process delays full-time hiring despite immediate staffing needs.

Full-Time Direct Hire is another viable option among IntellectIT’s complete service offerings. With an individually tailored fee structure,* this alternative serves as an attractive and cost-efficient solution for your ongoing talent acquisition needs. Whether you are making additional headcount investments in your workforce or aiming to procure top talent from direct competitors, a full-time search can be handled efficiently and confidentially by Intellect IT.